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“Cafe Society Blues”


Where Billie Holiday introduced “Strange Fruit” …and Lena Horne got her sass on.

                                     “Come Sit With Me”                                           A ‘Master Class’  Play with Music

Marilyn and Ella at the Macambo Club

Marilyn promises the owner of the club: “If you keep her here, I promise I’ll come into the club every night…”          Ella: “The girl did me a solid, ‘never had to perform in chitlin joints ever since.”

                                          “Purging Purvis”                                          A Play in 2 Acts


 In Clint Eastwood’s film “J. Edgar,”Hoover’s ‘partner’ Clyde Tolson reminds him he takes credit for most of Melvin Purvis’ legendary fame. My current play (also film possibility) 

Famed FBI agent Melvin Purvis is dismayed by the sudden disaffection of his boss J. Edgar Hoover who has unceremoniously demoted him—no doubt, out of jealous envy over his famed renown as a crime fighting hero—Sam Norris, a lowly African-American FBI Bureau employee and the Purvis family nanny Dolly Coker share their empathy for Purvis and his wife Rosanne’s frustrations over Purvis’ treatment by Hoover—as well as Hoover’s personal secrets and ‘other disappointments’ regarding Purvis—FBI Agents and Other cast members have their own ‘scuttlebutt’ regarding events in the play.



The most prolific African-American filmmaker and novelist at the dawn of motion pictures, Oscar Micheaux  wrote, produced and directed his first silent feature film in 1918, and later was to direct the first “All Negro” sound feature. His is a remarkable story of a man tilting at the stereotypes being churned out of the Hollywood studios, beginning with D.W. Griffith’s epic paean to the antebellum South, “The Birth of a Nation.”

Plucked out of Africa, adrift on ‘Neverland’

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