Along with an acting career in New York theatre and film, my writing credits include the screenplays: “Café Society Blues,” which tells the story of the first integrated nightclub in America where the careers of Billie Holiday, Lena Horne and scores of other Jazz and Blues luminaries were nurtured-and would become a target of the House Un-American Activities Commission.

My screenplay, “The Independent,” chronicles the career of pioneer black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, a seminal figure in the history of black film who wrote, produced, directed and distributed over forty feature films between 1918-1948.

I was commissioned by producer John Williams (“Shrek”) to write, “Let the Good Times Roll,” a biopic about rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, Louis Jordan, 40s chart-topping musician and subject of Broadway’s musical, “Five Guys Named Moe.”

My -YA Fantasy/Adventure Novel “Shelby and the Lost Boy of Misbegot Island” is a re-imagining of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, set in 70s pre-gentrification Brooklyn with a back-story of African youths who escape a Colonial slave ship, are adrift, only to land and forever remain ‘young’- on a mysterious island –
(think: ‘Kunta Kinte lands on Neverland’).